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STANDARD CLEANING SERVICES: In the standard cleaning service we offer surface cleaning in the bedrooms, including dusting and vacuuming. We help clean your bathrooms, including toilets, sink, shower, floors, mirrors and tub. In the kitchen we clean the counters, floors, wipe down the fridge, microwave, toaster, stove, and other appliances.

DELUXE CLEANING SERVICES: Deluxe Cleaning is an upgraded cleaning package that includes all of the items in the standard cleaning package, plus additional service for a thorough cleaning. Rosie’s Santa Barbara cleaning experts are well trained and supervised during work sessions.

MOVE IN MOVE OUT: Let us return your house or office to mint condition. In the move in move out cleaning service we offer surface cleaning in the bedrooms, including dusting and vacuuming. We help clean your bathrooms, including toilets, sink, shower, floors, mirrors and tub.

AFTER PARTY CLEANING SERVICES: This cleaning plan is perfect for assistance with party preparation or after-party cleaning services. From small parties to large events, we can help! Do you have a big celebration coming up at home or work? Let us do the work of returning your location to pristine condition.

POST CONSTRUCTION CLEAN UP SERVICES: You may think of Rosie’s Cleaning as simply a maid service, but we do so much more – including post construction cleanup! We now offer after construction cleaning services. Regardless of the size of the mess left behind by contractors, Rosie’s Cleaning is ready to get rid of it and restore your property or your office to looking great.

VACATION RENTAL CLEAN UP SERVICES: Our VACATION RENTAL cleaning provides general cleaning of your vacation rental property. Any DELUXE service can be added as item to the VACATION RENTAL Service. If you need help vacation rental cleaning, call the vacation cleanup maids at Rosie’s Cleaning 805-698-313, a full service cleaning company.

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